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The Actor’s help desk is a subscription for actors that gives actors access to a variety of tools that will help them advance their careers. Actors often have a hard time taking their training and what they’ve learned and translating it into booking jobs.


Any actor at any level. When you go to college or attend a prestigious training program, you walk away with incredible training but they most often do NOT teach you what to do once you hit the ground running. What often happens is actors get swept up in the bright lights, big city, big prices and throw spaghetti at the wall seeing what sticks. They don’t quite understand how the business truly works, who they are, where they are truly relevant, who their buyers are, what they are selling and most importantly HOW to sell it.


We offer development of your brand. Becoming a working actor consists of 6 things mindset mastery, Identity and Relevance, Perfect Pitch and Packaging, Meet the Buyers, Feedback Assessment - “why are you not flying off the shelves?”, Agent and Manager Acquisition and Mastery. These tools will get you booking and working. Coupled with consultations, classes, reel services, headshot services, a scene and monologue database, and a network of actors to connect with.


You are open to changing what you’re doing and committed to taking action. Because the truth is, what you’re currently doing has gotten you exactly where you’re at right now and “hoping it will one day be a different” doesn’t work. You are committed to the results, not the problems. You are ready to financially make the investment in yourself and your career. You take full responsibility for your craft and your work by being all in to attain results. You are ready to go outside of your comfort zone and are open to any advice, and changes that need to be made to level you up. You are ready to step up and take your business and career to the next level now.


Susan has always had a passion for helping actors succeed in the industry. She has been in the industry for over 20 years and has been managing and developing talent for over 13 years. While in her journey she has discovered what it really takes to make it in this industry. She understands what actors need to do to succeed in this business and explains how agents, casting directors, and ad agencies think. Her insights into the nature of the business both past and present provide a background for the attendee that can’t be found in books! She offers advice and tidbits of inside information for any level of talent. She has worked with many agents, managers, casting directors, and  producers giving her an amazing perspective. 

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