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We’re dedicated to teaching the skills and providing the hands-on experience necessary for successful futures, both personally and professionally.

Pursuing an artistic career can be an exhausting, emotional journey. Whether your goal is to learn new skills, work out your actor's muscles, or work within the industry. Actor's Help Desk is the perfect place to build the foundation, and as a member, you will have access to our amazing support network.

What is
Actor's Help Desk?

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The Actor’s help desk is a subscription for actors that gives actors access to a variety of tools that will help them advance their careers. Actors often have a hard time taking their training and what they’ve learned and translating it into booking jobs.

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Any actor at any level.

When you go to college or attend a prestigious training program, you walk away with incredible training but they most often do NOT teach you what to do once you hit the ground running.

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What often happens is actors get swept up in the bright lights, big city, and big prices, and throw spaghetti at the wall seeing what sticks. They don’t quite understand how the business truly works, who they are, where they are truly relevant, who their buyers are, what they are selling, and most importantly HOW to sell it.

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We offer development of your brand.
Becoming a working actor consists of 6 things

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Mindset Mastery

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Meet The Buyers


Identity & Relevance


Feedback Assessment


Perfect Pitch & Package

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Agent & Manager Acquisition

See Our Peronalize Pitching

These tools will get you booking and working.

Coupled with consultations, classes, reel services, headshot services, a scene, and monologue database, and a network of actors to connect with.


Actor's Help Desk

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You are ready to go outside of your comfort zone and are open to any advice, and changes that need to be made to level you up. You are ready to step up and take your business and career to the next level now.

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Susan Barr and Samantha Miràvàl are a team that manages a company that serves as a one-stop shop for actors in 2022. They have been in the entertainment industry for many years and have formed connections with various industry professionals. Their desire to help actors achieve their dreams led them to start this company.

Susan Barr

As a child, Susan had a strong passion for film and television. When her son, Sir Barr, went to a casting call for Wilhelmina and was signed to a three-year contract, Susan delved into learning the do's and don'ts of the entertainment industry to make wise and intelligent choices for her son's career. She soon merged her business acumen with her love of the industry and discovered her true love: Talent Management. She launched Susan B. Talent Management in 2007, rebranding to Apollo Talent Management in 2018. Today she is a force to be reckoned with, as she takes each client's acting career to heart. Her motto is "work hard to make it look easy." Susan represents clients working in shows such as Run the World, Wu-Tang an American Saga, Ghost, Power Book, The GodFather Of Harlem, The Best Man, The Nanny, Rap Sh!t, Beverly Hills Cop, White Man Can't Jump, Blue Bloods, Law, and Order, Blacklist, NCIS, Danger Force, Bull, Young Rock, The Equalizer in addition to other significant works. You can also find her clients in Commercials for Target,  Amazon, UPS, Apple, Donanemab, Opzelura, Kombucha, and many more!

Sam Miràvàl

Samantha is a Triple Threat Performer, originally from Tampa, Florida. Her performing arts career started with Mary Jo’s Performing Arts Academy. She quickly reached a competitive level at 7 when she joined the Universal Movement Dance Company. She added acting and singing training at 10 and joined Tampa Bay Triple Threat Theater. While in her studies at Mary Jo's she trained with some of the industry's top professionals, such as Marinda Davis, Zachary Heller, Susan Quinn, Al Blackstone, Dee Caspary, and many more. She won several awards, such as the "Future Star Award" (Starpower National Talent Competition), "1st Place and Top Score Overall" (Battle of the Stars), and "Stand Out Scholarship in Musical Theater" ( given by Al Blackstone at Nuvo). After completing her training in Florida, she continued training at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York where she received a Talent and Academic Scholarship. She trained with Ray Virta, Jason Chaet, Roxana Stewart, Kristi Kelly, Rockford Sansom, Daniel Singer, Dan Daily, Sheila Head, and many more. Graduating from the program in 2017. She has taught at several New York, Florida, and California institutions. Her passion for teaching stems from her love of The arts and desire to help other performing artists advance their careers. She has compassion for all performers and strives to help them achieve their goals with the best quality work.

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